Summer Sun

My main goal is to get out there and play. With two highly active boys that are happiest outside, I wish to jump into summer with a sense of adventure, along with a bucket of sunscreen and a first aid kit packed, of course.

Here’s what you can expect from this blog:

  • A down and dirty review of where we went, how much it cost, and overall just how much fun we had.
  • Maps and links so you can try it out for yourself!
  • A simple schedule; I know it will feel like we’re doing a lot, but I did my best to ensure we weren’t all going to be overwhelmed. Routines are important!
  • Real talk; These kids are amazing, but you better believe I’m not going to sugar coat it and sometimes life just sucks.
  • A lot of coffee, a dry, dark sense of humor, with a splash of broken mom vibes.


Stay tuned for more.

The adventure begins June 7th!

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