Library Locals: Week 1

We happen to be those parents, the ones who never say no to receiving a book. We started asking for books before Mac was even born. One of the absolute worst punishments that can happen to Mac is to take away a book before bed. He still has two more we could read, but just that one book shows him how serious we are. Usually that has only happened in extreme circumstances, thank goodness. Books are so fun for us. And we have a million of them.

So I guess we don’t need the library to access books, but it certainly prevents us from reaching hoarder levels of book keeping. It is also essential to show them just how much more there is out there. A world of knowledge at your finger tips, and you know, toys.

File_000 (5)

Two kids at the library can be fun, but also supremely exhausting. One of these kids has started climbing everything, but for the life of him, cannot find his way down without running headlong into the bottom step. So vigilance is at an all time high around the play area. If I take him to look at books, he writhes out of my arms and bolts for the steps. Rinse and repeat. At some point you just give up and let them have at it, so long as most of the other people in the library don’t mind.

I did manage to snag a few books to shove into our bag this week. And our favorite book has been What Makes A Baby by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth. It is exactly the book we’ve been looking for to explain babies without being totally derailed by questions of gender and physical sex, while being completely inclusive to people who have needed a surrogate or IVF. There are no moms and dads, just some people. And it’s simple enough that it gets the point across with all of the unnecessary details I’m sure would’ve confused the hell outta Mac with.


It’s kind of fun to get into the nonfiction side of the children’s books. Thank goodness it isn’t just construction equipment and monster trucks, which are cool to a degree, ya know? It’s definitely new, but Mac is showing a strong interest in the human body and I think we have found a jackpot of resources.

To find a library near you, click here!

Until next week!

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