Library Locals: Week 2

After a wild and crazy weekend on my end, I was really looking forward to Monday. It’s unnatural to view Monday as something to look forward to, but especially after this Sunday, my body was ready to relax. The storm that pushed through Sunday morning completely threw off my farmer’s market game.

I walked to work early, got all my market stuff, and drove to the market. Set up was new as this is truly my first solo shift for the bakery. We knew a storm was coming so our time was limited. Soon we could see a thick grey layer of cloud and a jade green beneath it moving very quickly. I took notice of the exact moment everyone else packed up and did the same. Rain started to fall just as I closed the van door. And there I sat for an hour. The rain was so loud, I couldn’t even hear the radio playing. Then hail fell and lightning followed.

Soon a majority of the storm was gone and we set up all over again. A market so nice we do it twice. The market was very slow and the amount of bread taken back for donation was In a weird way, I’m glad we got that over with for my first market. Now I have a method to follow. Now to plan for hurricane protocol.

Dual Purpose Market: Get work done and buy groceries

Despite all of this, I stayed up way too late cleaning and getting ready for the day. I’d rather wake up dog-tired to a clean space than wake up a little less tired in a disaster zone. So when I woke up at 7:00 am, I was really confused. Brewed some coffee, fed the kids, fed the dog, and made sure the the dog and the kids didn’t share the same breakfast. As much as I set up and prep for the next day, there will always be these little battles.

Once Theo’s morning nap was over, we dressed and went to swim lessons, or we tried. Mom over here was accidentally a half-hour late to their half-hour classes due to wishful thinking. So next week we’ll do some lessons! The pool was still there so we went into the free swim area for awhile. It’s warm and sunny out and feels so nice!

Fast forward, we finish lunch at home and the sky is nine-at-night dark. Just as Theo goes down for the afternoon nap, a thunderstorm begins. Our afternoon hike is on hiatus. Mac and I talked while stretching on the living-room floor, and we think we’ll hit up the library today and go hiking tomorrow. So here we go out to the library.

We mostly just played this time. Mac was still really invested in the books he brought home last time. We’ve discovered these little letter bots which will surely make their way onto Mac’s birthday wishlist. Goodness, he played with them over and over. I can’t imagine how much longer we would’ve been there had they had the full set.


As for Theo, it was discovery time. Do you recall last week when I mentioned he was suddenly climbing everything? This kid was now practicing how to get down. I kid you not, I cannot keep up with this one. I feel like I was a reasonable helicopter parent; I was there in case he really tumbled, but mostly tried to let him learn on his own. With Mac, there really wasn’t much concern because he was such a cautious kid. I’m essentially a first time parent twice.

We grabbed one book, which is super cool and also a bit surprising. Chuck Close: Face Book is a book that is interactive with his portrait in different mediums. At first Mac thought the idea was to find all the matching pieces. The kid really digs order. Soon though, he had fun making different faces. He was very excited to show his dad when he got home the next morning.

In the end, the kids played a little too long. Theo threw a fit for roughly 2 minutes and everything in me wanted to get the big kid a happy meal, but I knew the little one would start up again, so we made a bee line home. Mac did say, “I’m happy that Theo cried for only two minutes.” I guess his concept of time is developing. Dinner was just a bunch of random stuff thrown on a plate and absolutely no one complained. It was an eventful day, but everyone slept so soundly.

To find a library near you, click here!

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