Beach Babes: Antlers Park

Let me get this off my chest really quick before we start: the beaches in Minnesota are a joke, but I think you know that. What is the point of a beach that you can’t walk aimlessly up and down and get lost on? Why does the water smell so bountiful of so many green organisms? Where are the leering seagulls? That’s all. So let’s continue. It was a cloudy day out, but at least it wasn’t raining. I received a text from my mom who asked us to join her at the beach on Lake Marion. So instead of attempting some dead lifts at the gym, I gladly accepted the invitation.


What has become the norm, is to pack our lunches. Thank glob it’s a novelty to Mac right now. He’ll probably hate these little containers by the end of summer. The peas were taken over by Theo as he drooled and munched on numerous pods and mixed them back into the rest. Can you see where this trip is heading?

Mac was a digger in a past life, like a wild rabbit or a badger. The kid loves the sand so much. For the better part of the school year he told us he didn’t like his school. Despite him coming home and talking about everyone and all the fun he had, he apparently hated school. We finally pulled it out of him. Friends, the reason he disliked school so much was because their playground had wood chips instead of sand. Today was going to be a good day on his end.


Theo on the other hand, was a messy little baby. Just fistfuls of sand going straight for the mouth hole. Dry or wet it doesn’t matter. More to sample than any before! At what point to I keep trying to save him? You want to eat this nasty sand? Go for it kid. I highly doubt you’re the first. I’ll just be over here when you’re ready to wash out your mouth.

We went into the lake a few time to rinse off. Then we constructed a little moat chair thingy and played. Mac is not very interested in swimming so much as digging the perfect moat, but I’m still hyper aware of him at all times. Theo would just crawl straight into the water head first if he could. That one got first eye from mom.


Frankly, the beach has never been this hard. I have photos from Mac as a baby, laying on the blanket, napping, and relaxing at Theo’s age. Theo sees right through my sham of containing him on the blanket and scurries away. They are certainly not the same kid. Theo is going to move mountains, but first, he’s got some sand to eat.

I don’t think we will be visiting many beaches this summer, unless I can get the little to settle down. This beach is pretty decent, though not the best. The bugs were very prevalent. The company was nice, but I hardly got to talk because I cannot keep a conversation comfortably with kids around water. It’s entirely likely, we’ll give this place another shot by the end of summer, but for now, we’ll explore a few other places.


click for map

Cost of purchases: $0.00
Cost of gas*: $2.56
Total cost: $2.56



*When estimating gas mileage, we have a good 15 mpg range in our Jeep Liberty, so chances are it costs much less for you per gallon. Sometimes having no car payments means putting up with a terrible mpg. All prices are adjusted based on current gas prices.

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