About three months ago, our summer turned into a frenzy. I believe it was actually two days after the last post that our family left for the zoo and a freak accident took place while we were out. Long, long story short, we had a minor flood in our place which damaged the entirety of the carpet in our home. Within three hours, our summer just seemed to shift in priorities.

The following days were a blur of insurance calls, carpeting calls, and traveling the distance to and from work as we were staying at my amazing mother-in-law’s house. The opening of August was all about survival mode. Once we recovered from that, it was time to celebrate birthdays for both Mac and Theo. We now get to hang with a 5 year old and 1 year old. There are many days where they go head to head to see who can throw the bigger fit about the littlest thing and it’s great!

September hit hard and fast with KINDERGARTEN for Mac. We can hardly believe it, nor were we ready, but more on that in another post. Here we are about to head into November and I am making my presence known. I am back. I am here. I am going to reach into my pockets and share the little treasures I did manage to scavenge.

It’s currently later than I’d like to admit while writing this. The day has been a long one, but I wasn’t ready to close the day without a little bump here. We are back and ready to sprout and spout some ideas and projects!

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