Hey friends! I’m Anastasia and the original wildflower in this house. I’m doing my best to raise two little wildflowers in the suburbs of Minnesota. Facing occasional environmental factors and the rare, but severe tantrums, we are aiming to fill our lives with low cost activities that provide the most amount of fun.

I consider myself to be a wannabe Minnesotan. I was not raised here, though my family moved up when I was 13 years old. From the harsh glare of the sun in Florida to the sting of the cold in Minnesota, I’ve been adapting ever since. Though soda will always be soda and my O’s have a certain softness, I do really feel like Minnesota is the right place for us to raise our kids.

I actually met my husband, way back when, within a couple months of moving here. We didn’t even consider dating each other until I was 17. Michael is one of my best friends and one of the hardest working people I know. You will notice in a lot of my posts that they contain some backstory or another with our adventures together. We have also had our fair share of misadventures too!

We eventually got married in our early twenties. We got one of the crappiest apartments at the time. In 2010, I believe our rent was $500 a month for a one bedroom. The fact that our bedroom got so cold in the winter that we needed a heater or risk exposure to frostbite should have been a clue. Luckily, we endured and prevailed and now live in a cozy townhome with adequate heating.

Michael has pursued a career in retail management. I have filtered through coffee shops and bakeries for most of our marriage. I have finally settled into a wonderful bread shop nearby. The bakery is my second home with one of the best families you could possibly ask for. So my life is split between bread and children and sometimes they co-mingle a little, which is so neat to see.

In 2012, Mac was born and the axis of our lives shifted. And in 2016, we doubled the trouble with Theo’s birth. These boys keep us on our toes and typically running out the door to the next thing. They are driven by action and experiences. The more we get out and explore our local landscape the better. That’s why we’re here on this blog.

Michael and I are driven by a minimalist approach, though we have kind of pushed the notion back until the kids are a little older. You pick and choose your battles when raising kids and we would much rather be out playing than trying to organize and sort toys. I will certainly be highlighting some of the changes and activities that occur through our timeline.

I am no super-mom. I am driven by a desire to give these kids a real, honest approach to life. The world is theirs when we hand it off and I want them to be in awe of the possibilities. This blog is our medium to share it with you. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy it.